1.         Biographical rap is a new form of storytelling that involves complex poetry expressed through rhyme schemes placed in a musical context.


2.         The complex poetry is used in a biographical manner and when built upon can eventuate into an individual’s biography.


3.         When a number of biographical rap songs are arranged correctly they can become a ‘rap biography’.


4.         Biographical rap is usually written from a 3rd person perspective, but can be presented in 1st person if it specifically relates to aspects of the story within the song e.g. Chapter VIII - ‘Addiction’.


5.         The instrumental part of a Biographical rap song is composed to the story throughout each song. This is similar to how a film composer would compose a score to a certain film. The film score creates the atmospheres for the storyline and manipulates the audience’s emotion levels.


6.          If biographical rap lyrics were thought of as film scripts, the vocal recordings as film footage, the instrumental of the song as a film score, then a finished Biographical rap song would be the completed film.


7.         Biographical rap songs are quite similar to films in the sense that they tell a consistent and layered story over a long period of time. If the listener uses their imagination they can visualise the story in their head.


8.         Biographical rap songs could be referred to as ‘imagination films’ or ‘films through imagination’. It is a way for the audience to reconnect with their imaginative side. In this day and age, imagination is slowly becoming less and less used among the newest generations of people. Books no longer interest most teenagers, it is all about the visuals and what looks good. In a film, people are being ‘told’ what things look like, rather than being allowed to imagine it themselves. Biographical rap music creates an experience and allows people to interpret that experience however they choose.


9.         Biographical rap has the potential to encourage multiple generations of people to reconnect with their imagination and enjoy the mental stimulation of visualisation through music with ease. 


10.    As the world moves into a digital age, the way human beings use their imagination will need to change. Imagination needs to be brought into the digital age too. Transferring books into digital form on a Kindle isn’t enough to reach the masses. A new medium is needed for people of all ages to interact with their imaginations.


11.    Listeners of Biographical rap will each have a different interpretation of it. Some may walk away feeling resonation and emotional movement, and some may walk away feeling nothing. It is important to recognise that the listener’s personal life experiences impact and manipulate how the Biographical rap is interpreted. Whether the listener can make connections between the story and themselves ultimately lies with the experiences they’ve had in their own life.