Jumbled Jack is an alter-identity for Packshaw to express his whacky, funny, outrageous side through drawing and other art-forms.

Over the last six years the Jumbled Jack journey has been taken in many directions from global promotional sticker campaigns to graphic novels and even apparel. Jumbled Jack’s unique-styled artwork has been displayed at three RAW: natural born artists events and exhibited at multiple exhibitions in the Gold Coast, Australia and Byron Bay, Australia.

Jumbled Jack’s drawing philosophy lies within ‘freestyle drawing’, a type of drawing where pencils and erasing are non-existent. Using only pen (or other permanent methods) and the mind-set that each line that is drawn has a purpose and can be transformed into something else if he makes a mistake. It may seem that when Jumbled Jack draws he makes no mistakes, but in actual fact he does, he just manipulates the mistake into something else through freestyle drawing techniques.

To find out more visit: www.jumbledjack.com